We’d like your help with testing Ping (https://www.leeo.com/ping) — an iPhone app that allows family and close friends to stay connected and know that everyone is ok. This app uses motion sensors within the iPhone to detect if everyone has been up and about, going about their day.

Ping is perfect for people living alone, young adults away at college, seniors and their families or anyone who wants to give peace of mind to loved ones when they are not together. If you spend time alone, want to stay in touch with family members, have friends that you may worry about, or simply want to give peace of mind to loved ones, this is a great opportunity to test a new solution.

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Key Details
Must live in the United States
Must have an iPhone 5S or newer (running iOS 10 or higher)
Willing to invite a friend or family member (meeting the iPhone requirements) to use the Ping app