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We’d like your help with testing a new, upcoming battery charger, wireless battery monitor, and mobile app from Battery Tender ( With these components, you'll be able to remotely access your battery charger and view the state of the charge for your automotive, marine, and recreational vehicle batteries.

This testing opportunity is perfect for iPhone users that would like to maintain the battery life of one of their vehicles.

If you'd like to apply, login or register below. Please note that you will be asked to identify specific details regarding your current vehicles at home. We suggest that you apply for this opportunity while you are home so that you may provide these details.

  Please note that, to apply, you'll be required to complete an Extended Profile in Betabound.
Key Details
Must live in the United States
Must have at least 1 gas-powered vehicle with a 12V battery
Must have an iPhone (running iOS 11.0 or higher)