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You are invited to participate in a project that simply monitors your phone usage patterns.

For $20 per month (via e-gift cards), you will install an app on your phone and let it run in the background. The goal of this project is to analyze phone and app usage across an aggregate group of users. Your involvement is to simply confirm that the app icon is displayed properly.

To apply for a limited slot, please register or log in below.

User Testimonials & FAQ
  • “Easiest beta test. Set it and forget it.” - Ronney N.
  • “Nice to get credit (paid) to participate, nothing really changed about the day to day life.” - Mark R.
  • “Doing this for 2 months and often forget that. Payouts cover half of my mobile bill, so this is a no brainer.” - Walter C.

How much time do I need to contribute each month to earn the $20 incentive?
Most users spend less than an hour each month. Simply install the app and let it run in the background while you use your phone as usual.

Will the app slow down my phone or drain my battery?
Most users do not experience noticeable performance or battery impact. The latest version of the app is vastly improved, so now is a good time to join.

Will the client reveal or compromise any of my personal data and usage behavior?
No, the client is only interested in aggregate data as opposed to individual data.

If you'd like to apply, log in or register below.

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